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Centrerecettes is a collection of recipes from professional chefs and site members. Site users can rate and review recipes and they can also save their favorite recipes online. It is created by Enggist & Grandjean Software SA (EGS), makers of the famous CALCMENU and F&B Control software. EGS has over 20 years of experience in developing recipe management applications for hotels, restaurants, food manufacturing companies, hospitality industries and leisure organizations around the world.

EGS Enggist & Grandjean Software SA developed Centrerecettes to provide you with a vehicle to evaluate the recipe programs that we have created. Centrerecettes is one of EGS' online recipe databases that allows you to download recipes, can provide you more information through FAQs, and display of the features and benefits you get from using our food software applications.

Recipes in Centrerecettes can be viewed online. They are also compatible with EGS Products which are CALCMENU Chef, CALCMENU Pro, CALCMENU Enterprise, CALCMENU Web and CALCMENU Online. You can download the recipes and upload it to the CALCMENU software.

For more information about recipes and recipe management solutions from EGS, you may visit our other sites:

  • - is the official Web site of Enggist & Grandjean Software SA (EGS). This Web site provides you with all the information about EGS solutions on recipe and back office management for foodservice professionals.

  • - is the official Web site of the CALCMENU recipe management software program. The site provides you with all the information about CALCMENU, including its features and uses, product specifications, as well as hardware requirements.

  • - is a web-based recipe and menu management system developed by the EGS Enggist & Grandjean Software SA. It has been developed to provide the common needs of foodservice professionals to effectively manage and standardize their products, recipes, and menus.

  • is a membership recipe management website of EGS.  It has the largest collection of recipes from different cuisines, which you can search and copy in your very own RecipeGallery cookbook database.

  • - is a free recipe website with more than 100,000 recipes on its database.  It allows you to search for recipes according to specific names, ingredients, categories, and many more.

  • is developed specifically for the German-speaking community. It contains more than 100,000 recipes which users can search, rate, and review. You may also download these recipes and import them to CALCMENU, EGS' recipe management software.

  • - contains more than 100,000 recipes in French. This Web site is created for the French-speaking community. In this site, you may download the Centerrecettes software for free.

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